London-based designer Melanie Press has forged an era and neighbourhood-defining womenswear aesthetic with a cult following. It is relaxed, nostalgic but absolutely modern. It is the style of free-spirited weekends in the country & also worn in the city year-round: confident and pretty, with a purity of function. Standout elements include trademark leopard print and antique florals, but also the practicality of workwear. Designs are made in limited edition runs to ensure exclusivity.

“Melanie Press has helped create the vibrant, colourful, quirkily bohemian Primrose Hill look that has become famous around the world. What sets her label apart is the way it takes an obsession with bygone detailing, picked from working with fellow obsessives Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs, and makes it practical.”

Mark Holgate, fashion news director, Vogue (US)