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Press shop in primrose hill

Press is an independent boutique founded in 2004 by Melanie Press, a former designer for Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and Cacharel.


Melanie launched her store in Primrose Hill to dress women exactly like her, women who want unique, special clothes that can’t be found everywhere else, resulting in a shop that specialises in a highly curated (and extremely appealing) range of desirable, wearable fashion. It was the first UK boutique to carry such brands as Issa (Princess Catherine’s favourite) Current Elliott, and Belstaff. 


Melanie Press has helped create the vibrant, colourful & bohemian Primrose Hill look that has become famous around the world, with her dressing many local women – and plenty more who wish they lived there.


It’s that which led the Financial Times’s How To Spend It magazine to hail Press as a cult store.


See what the international fashion Press say about Press:


Press in Primrose Hill introduces the Melanie Press Collection!

After 20+ years in the fashion industry, including careers designing in NYC for Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren and a BA in Fashion Design from Central St. Martins, Melanie was inspired to embark on a new adventure - creating and designing her own label.

Her insights and enthusiasm stem from 13 years of owning the PRESS independent boutique in Primrose Hill, and styling her wonderful clients who provide her with the knowledge and experience to deliver chic yet timeless designs and styles.

The Melanie Press Collection offers easy to wear and elegant silhouettes, with her signature nod to vintage, that are both fun and functional. 

A special Thank You is sent to her local clients who continually support and inspire her to create beautiful pieces.