Cashmere Fringed Scarf In Camel Colour

£289.00 GBP

Made in England using Todd & Duncan's cashmere, this camel-coloured cashmere scarf is a delightful winter warmer

Contemporary fringes at both ends
Timeless luxury staple

Soft handle

180cm x 30 cm

The benefits of wearing 100% cashmere

  • Designed by nature to protect goats that live in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia from extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Thermoregulating, and luxuriously soft and comfortable
  • Skin-friendly itch-free knitwear, wear straight to skin
  • Crease and odour resistant lightweight fabric
  • Eight times warmer than wool

100% cashmere | Midweight 300 gsm

Made in England using Todd & Duncan's cashmere

Only a gentle hand wash is required. Dry Flat
Apply gentle iron or soft steam in-between wears to freshen up the fabric