Classicworks Heart Pendant Platinum Vermeil Necklace

¥34,600 JPY

Platinum plated sterling silver heart pendant mimics the contours and folds of a helium balloon letter. Secured by a platinum plated sterling silver chain with a clip fastening

The necklace is available in one size only. The approximate height of the pendant is 20mm and the approximate width of the piece is 20mm. The length of the chain is 16".

The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in recycled sterling silver and plated in platinum.

Referencing the way drapery has been used by painters to convey movement since the Renaissance, particularly in the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci, Fold is fascinated by the way fabric is folded depending on the particularities of the human condition. Informed by a knowledge of art history, the collection narrates differences in a series of folds: a neat fold in the medieval Dutch portrait, a careless fold in that of a merchant sitting for a renaissance painter - these tell the story not just of a person's mood but also their historical moment.

Combining with the history of painting, the collection also investigates the writings of Georges Perec's and his exploration and documentation of the everyday and "that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance". Referring back to Perec's work, household cloths, folded bedsheets and hair scrunchies are used as motifs throughout Fold - not only for their ability to capture qualities of form, light and atmosphere, but for their material and everyday presence.