Green Merino Ribbed Beanie Hat

€95,95 EUR

Italian spun extra fine merino wool, made in England in a dark 'Hunter-Green' colour

Our timeless ribbed merino wool beanie is handcrafted in England using the finest 100% extra fine Italian spun merino wool

Knitted with a classic ribbed structure, this beanie is comforting, warm, breathable and contemporary in style and fit

One size fits all - starts out a bit tight and then grows to fit with brain heat

Heavyweight beanie - 92 grams
Timeless ribbed beanie style
Made in England
100% Italian spun extra fine merino wool
Yarn - Filivivi (Estd. 1817), Vicenza, Italy
Only a gentle hand wash is required. Dry flat

Benefits of extra fine merino wool
Active natural fibre which responds to your body temperature
Outstanding thermoregulating and wicking properties
Wear straight to skin or as a second layer
Odour resistant material due to good bacteria being able to live on the wool
Sustainable, carbon neutral, clothing choice
Machine-washable merino wool is treated with a heat-resistant plastic, which cracks as it is washed and tumble dried. Aggressive washing damages merino, causing the wool to pill more, lose its shape and appear worn quicker than caring for hand wash only fibres.
Overall, choosing hand wash only merino wool means items last longer and they’re more environmentally friendly.