Bobbina Cotton Silk Heartwood-Print Strappy Dress

€130,95 EUR €399,95 EUR

Silk cotton printed dress - great to wear all year round

Bicep cuffs in same fabric attached underarm 

Ribbon cover bra straps 

Fits tight around bust smocking - which is great support

Designers note: “My new invention, a strappy dress with ‘bicep cuffs’… why? Because that part of my underarm is less attractive to me and usually prevents me wearing sleeveless. So, I’ve invented The Bobbina…
It takes a moment to put on, over the head, because I’ve attached these little bicep cuffs which manages to show off the gorgeous part of the shoulder whilst hiding the ‘bingo wing’

The ribbon straps hide bra & the smocking holds bust in place

"I recommend you try it because I’m soo happy with it xx “

Note: side zip and pull over head, the Bobbina dress takes a moment to put on, 1. over the head with the side zip open, 2. hook & eye first, then zip up… 3. tie shoulders… it’s well worth it once it’s in place ❤️

 Alice wears a size M