Anthracite Sailor Pincord Pant

€176,95 EUR

Written about in The Times because of the unique structure: the high-rise which fits slightly away from the waist, and no side seams make it an unusual and much appreciated garment, there's no bulk to the side silhouette.

  • High-rise waist
  • Stretchy cotton fine pincord fabric
  • Designed for a loose fit, and the sizes fit generously - go down a size for a more tailored look
  • Super flattering without sides seams
  • Lovely dry-touch fine pincord
  • Anthracite is a very dark grey colour - easy to wear with Navy and Black

Wear with matching PELLI quilted cord jacket 

Eliza wears the Dessa blouse in Wikwood cotton silk trimmed with black velvet ribbon, and in another image she wears the new Tuxedo shirt