Blue on blue velvet trim sleeveless cardigan

£75.00 GBP £275.00 GBP

Our new style, the sleeveless cardigan. trimmed with velvet in tonal blue colour. Wear it over a summer dress or T-shirt, for a cosy, effortless look.

Made in the UK from Hinchcliffe lambswool, the trims have all been applied by hand in England. 

Pockets are perfect for your smart-phone.

Fastened with oversize black poppers - gives it a techy feel. Worn here with Sailor pants.

  • Limited edition 
  • 100% British spun lambswool sourced from Z. Hinchcliffe & Sons (Est. 1766) in Denby Dale
  • Soft blue-melange yarn
  • Oversized, boyfriend fit
  • Fastened with oversize black poppers 

"Our lambswool cardigan collection is my go-to; the first thing I grab in the morning and last thing I take off at night" Melanie Press

Benefits of wearing lambswool knitwear

  • An extremely lightweight but insulating yarn.
  • Outstanding comfort and wicking properties.
  • Reacts to your body temperature to insulate or to remove moisture from the skin. Wear straight to skin or as as second layer.
  • Only requires a gentle iron and steam in-between short wears to maintain the fabric.
  • Sustainable and carbon neutral natural clothing choice.