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Collection: En Shalla upcycled I Am Love bags by Sadie Frost

Live Q&A with Sadie via Instagram, Thursday April 30th 5pm GMT

Embroidered Recycled Food Bags. 

A percentage from each bag sold will go towards funding the Foundation helping to educate women and children in remote villages outside Marrakesh, Morocco.

Made from recycled food bags, the designs are firstly made in the En Shalla studio. Prototypes are then taken to villages outside the city where women duplicate the design and hand embroider the words on the bags with Sadie's favourite statements of positivity: ‘I AM LOVE’, also seen on her yoga collection Frost London.

Most women from an early age in Morocco grow up surrounded by creativity and learn various hand skills throughout there life. With this project we are highlighting this and bringing it to the forefront.

We want these ladies to shine

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